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Seasonal Products - Ice Melt - Calcium Chloride Blend

  • Melts ice down to
  • 15 degrees F
  • Requires fewer applications than rock salt
  • It’s odorless and colorless
  • Safe on driveways, sidewalks, steps, and the environment when used correctly
  • Contains approximately 10% Calcium Chloride
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ITEM SIZE Color Gal/Strength BOX QTY Short Description Price
IMRRB20 0 Road Runner Blend Ice Melt 20
IMRRB50 0 Road Runner Blend Ice Melt 50Lbs
IMRRB12 0 Road Runner Ice Melt 4 ,12 Lbs Jugs/Cs
IMRRB10 0 Road Runner 4/10Lbs/Case