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About Us

Plastic Express, Inc. is a wholesale distribution company located in North East New Jersey providing service to companies throughout the Tri-State area.
Wholesale and distribution of Low and High Density Plastic Bags (Recycling, Contractor, Compactor, Paper Shopping, Shopping Kitchen, & Office Bags), Soaps, Sanitizers, Napkins, Towels Toilet, Facial Tissue Dispensers, Cups, Containers, Cutlery, Office and Printer Supplies, Bulletin Boards, Janitorial, Sanitary Supplies, Cleaning Supplies, Shovels, Mops, Brooms, Light Bulbs, Lighting Fixtures, Paper Products, Ice Melt, Snow Removal Tools, Locks, Key Blanks, Fans, Heaters, Air Purifiers, Gloves and Other Safety Apparel, Furniture, Packaging Supplies, Tools, Hardware, Tile Cutting, Scrapers, Hammers, Brushes, Pliers, Riveters, Clamps, Drills, Drill Bits, Blades, Levels, Wrenches, Sockets, Measures, Exam Table Paper, Heating Pads, Gowns, Scrubs, Bibs, Pots, Pans, Lids, Microwavable Containers, Bowls, Plates, Paper and PVC Food & Meat Film.